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From 60 euros per person

The bus, the rack, the driver and of course the guide!

In a small group of 7 maximum, come with friends to ride on the trails of Ariège, the Arbas Valleys, Loudenvielle, St Lary or many other spots.

Group of 4 or 5 minimum, & prices depending on the destination


From 50 euros per person *

Do you need personalized advice to venture out on the trails of the Pyrenees mountains? I offer courses where you can work on the technique and apply it in the field. Individual or group lessons.

* "Group" rate of 2 people minimum / half day


Prices depending on the destination / participants

Go on an adventure, follow the guide! From the remote valleys of Ariège where the bear takes up residence to the rocky terrain of Ainsa or the Comminges, our backyard, I'll guide you on the trails of the Central Pyrenees, and beware, some are well hidden!
With or without shuttle, E-MTB or regular MTB, the very essence of mountain biking!


From 50 euros per person (equipment included)

With a Canyon brand bike model Stitched 360 2022 and the appropriate protections, here we are ready to face the Arbas pumptrack in the best conditions! 

2 hour session in the morning or afternoon.

On the program: the basics of riding, the body/bike dissociation, and the "pumping" technique to gain speed: the secret of Flow!

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